AMP Chiropractic & Advanced Movement Professionals
Giving our best for your best.


We aren't just for pain. Often, pain is the final indicator that something is wrong. By helping the body heal from the inside and ensuring a healthy brain/body connection, we are able to help with many of the following conditions:

allergies | asthma | auto injuries | back pain | colic | constipation | ear infections | fibromyalgia | headaches | herniated/bulging disc | indigestion | neck pain | menstrual problems | numbness/tingling | restricted range of motion | sciatica | scoliosis | sprain/strain | sports injuries | tendonitis | TMJ disorder | whiplash | work injuries

                                    Get what you need

You have health and fitness goals. We have the resources and people to make them a reality. Designed by busy professionals for busy professionals we offer convenient scheduling, as well as late night and weekend appointments, along with competitive, fair, affordable pricing. Too good to be true? Check out all that we offer:


Personal Training:

One hour, one-on-one private or semi-private sessions designed to get you looking and feeling your best. Specialized focus on proper movement patterns helps with proper muscle formation and future injury prevention.

Advanced Movement System†:

Cutting edge rehabilitative therapy designed to improve your body's range of motion, muscle function, performance, speed healing time of injuries, and reduce pain.



Chiropractic helps promote wellness, reduce pain, boosts immunity and improves quality of life. Paired with our exclusive Advanced Movement System, you will find your adjustments last longer and help you to feel better than just chiropractic alone.
Focused care for every stage of life means doing our best to get you feeling your best from birth to death.


Nutrition* and Weight Loss Coaching:

Feeling tired and fatigued? Having difficulty keeping that new years resolution? Need an extra boost to help you attain your ideal self image? Proper nutrition is the key to a well balanced lifestyle.

†Advanced Movement System Therapy performed under the supervision of a independantly licenced doctor of chiropractic
*Chiropractic and Nutrition services performed by a independantly licenced doctor of chiropractic