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Office Hours & Prices

We all know that time and money are things that concern almost everyone. That's why we have fair and affordable fees and conveniently scheduled hours, designed by busy professionals for busy professionals.  We offer late night and weekend appointments§ designed specifically with YOU in mind. 

§Late night & weekend appointments available until 9:00pm M-Th evenings, and sundays from 9:00am-1:00pm Please note there is a $25 fee increase associated with these appointment times.

All office hours are by Appointment Only. Call or text us for your appointment today!

Personal Training & Therapy - Chad Scheitel

AMP Chiropractic- Dr. Breanne Grann

Fee Schedules. We keep you looking and feeling your best without breaking the bank. Check out our pricing below:

Personal Training

One hour private session:
save money with a multi-session package!
just ask!
Advanced Movement System


Single Individual Session:




multiple visit plans available

New Patient Visit:
Single visit session*:
Late night (after 6pm):
& Sundays

starting at $150 
starting at $40
additional $25 fee

Mention our website to get $50 off your first visit!

Nutrition & Weight Loss
Single visit session:

Ask about our elite monthly plans designed specifically for professional athletes to keep them at peak performance.

Now for the fun part, all the legal stuff. You ready? Our lawyers say we have to say this:

*Payment expected at or before the time of service

Packages are non-transferrable and designed for individual use only. 

No annual contract. Cancel any time. Monthly and unlimited plans subject to regular single visit charge per visit used and any additional money left, if any, will be refunded to the patient within 30 days of cancelation. Monthly plans allow one scheduled appointment cancellation per month without penalty, any further appointment cancellations above that, subject to $75 cancellation fee for the missed visit.  Prices above available to time of service patients only with payment expected on or before date of services rendered. Payments not made as agreed upon are subject to full fee rate plus a $50 administration fee to be charged per visit, unless prior arrangements have been made. For full fare fee schedules, please contact our offices. Appointment subject to a 24hr cancellation notice. Failure to provide such notice is subject to patient being charged full rate for the missed appointment. We do understand that emergencies happen, however, please do your best to contact your provider as soon as possible if you will be missing an appointment. All movement therapy must be prescribed and monitored by a licenced doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Breanne L. Grann is an independantly licenced doctor of chiropractic providing services to clients in conjunction with Advanced Movement Professionals, LLC.